Simple Simon® PT measures prothrombin time (PT) in INR

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Simple Simon® PT - "ready-to-go"

Simple Simon® PT
measures prothrombin time (PT) in INR.

Product documentation

The Simple Simon®-concept is for near-patient, wet-chemistry, laboratory diagnostic analyte concentration determination, as based on the following philosophy: Simple Simon®-products are "all-in-one". Reagents, calibrated reader (measuring unit) and volumetric devices are in the same package (kit) with the same lot number and expiration date. With each lot of product comes a factory-fresh, ready-to-go measuring device.

The product may contain ZAF-103 MixxoCap® and be used with ZAF-550 Connector®.

Technincal data Simple Simon® PT
product ZAF-101
unit INR
  (prothrombin time)
range 0.7- 8 INR
measurement time about 1min at INR 2.5
sample 10µL blood or plasma
small footprint 15*10cm
detector dual optical paths
EVF compensation Yes
equilibration time None
power Battery/USB
LIS/HIS connectivity Yes, via ZAF-550

Instructions For Use Simple Simon® PT (SSPT).

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